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Sterile set, disposable, non-toxic, non-pyrogenic. closed circuit procedure to guarantee asepsis. sterilization: ethylene oxide. Outin kit is designed to prevent accidental needle sticks thanks to the retractable needle. The adapter is provided with needle covered with synthetic rubber to avoid release of blood, to safely effect the exchange of the tubes during blood sampling. The soft wings of the butterfly allow a safe grip facilitating inoculation in vein. Triple grinding cannula to reduce pain. All kit’s fitting components adopt luer lock system. individual blister. Medical device for regenerative medicine suitable to accelerate the process of healing and regeneration of the tissue.

4 Test tubes with sodium citrate
1 Drawing butterfly + standard holder with needle
1 Sterile Towel (50x50 cm)
2 Sterile syringes
2 Mesotherapy needles (30G)
2 Needles (21G)
1 Disinfected wipe
2 Sterile gauzes
1 Packaged plaster

Sterile, for topic use ony, cosmetic product. Exploitable through electroporation. 2 Vials with:
Calcium chloride

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