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age controller

Glycolic Acid

Antiaging action
For an anti-wrinkle and firmness effect
For modulating keratinization process

de spot

Mandelic Acid
Malic Acid

Depigmentation action
For making skin's tone uniform
For treating spots and post-acne signs

soften purifyer

Azelaic Acid
Succinic Acid

Purifying action
Bacteriostatic and bactericidal activity
Anti acne effect

antioxy plus

Ferulic Acid
Lactobionic Acid
Lactic Acid

Antioxidant action (to neutralize free radicals)
Photoage damages preventing


The mix of Citric and Ascorbyl glucoside has been formulated for a detoxing action against the bad effect of external environment.

urban peel
urban peel a
urban peel b

Citric Acid

  • Alpha-hydroxy acid (from citrus friuts)
  • Keratolitic: it removes dead cells
  • It stimulates skin regeneration
  • It increases collagen production: for a younger skin
  • It reduces the sign of aging (wrinkles, expressione lines, spots)
  • Brightening: for a brighter skin
  • It closes the pores and improves acne

Ascorbyl glucoside

  • Stable derivative of ascorbic acid
  • Powerful antioxidant and anti-age
  • Sun protection: it helps the skin selfrepair after excessive sun exposure damage
  • It reduces melanin production
  • Collagen production stimulation and wrinkle reduction
  • It stimulates cell exfoliation
  • For a more toned an uniform tissue